Courtesy of ABC News:

Asked on Monday, when he was departing the White House for a North Carolina facility involved in producing a potential coronavirus vaccine, if he planned on paying his respects to the congressman, President Donald Trump said no.

“No, I won’t be going. No,” Trump told reporters.

Yeah, why would he go?

After all, John Lewis was only an American hero and civil rights icon,  who was often referred to as the “Conscience of the US Congress.”

So actually he was too good of a person for Trump to respect him.

And let’s face it, he was also black, so Trump probably does not even consider him worthy of any of his precious time. 

I think it was better for everybody that Trump skipped the services. 

I will do the same when Trump dies.

Oh, I will be visiting his gravesite, I have some business to take care of there, but I will not attend the funeral.