The mad king strikes again.

Courtesy of Politico:

President Donald Trump is moving closer to unveiling a dramatic overhaul of how America should distribute foreign aid, one that would channel money to “friends and allies” and prioritize countries that “support” America’s goals.

The move would upend at least a generation of largely bipartisan foreign aid policy, which has long operated under the principle — at least in theory if not always in practice — that financial assistance should prioritize humanitarian need, not political allegiance.

The plan, laid out in a draft presidential policy directive obtained by POLITICO, could lead the U.S. to stop sending aid to countries that do not side with it in international disputes or somehow align themselves with U.S. rivals such as China. Countries in the third world, especially those in Africa, but also Asia and Latin America, may be seriously affected.

At the same time, the plan envisions an end to aid programs targeting the underlying reasons, such as poverty and racism, that people join terrorist groups, arguing that they don’t work. It deemphasizes multilateral organizations as a channel for U.S. aid and stresses the value of the private sector. And it says the aid strategy should allow the U.S. to expand its leadership “ in the global energy system.” Ultimately, the plan’s goal is to wean countries off of U.S. assistance.

I would disagree with the premise that Donald Trump cares even a tiny bit about that last goal. 

The only time that Trump talks about wanting to save money is when he wants to deny funds to countries and government programs that he does not like. 

For instance, Trump has said that he refused a salary to save the country money, but his golf trips alone have cost the United States the equivalent of 278 years worth of presidential salaries

Trump also has no problem taking money from agencies and countries that desperately need it in order to fund pet projets like his border wall or more detention centers.

This is just another example of Trump trying to stong arm the leaders of foreign countries into sucking up to him and signing on for his batshit crazy policy ideas.  

Trump sees himself as a king and wants the adulation and respect one would afford a powerful monarch.