Oh, we are definitely in crazy town now.

Courtesy of The Daily Mail

President Donald Trump said in a televised interview that he has spoken to Attorney General Bill Barr about the high-stakes Durham probe and received assurances the government has ‘plenty’ of evidence to bring charges against his main political rivals.

He made the extraordinary statement – which if accurate would be a breach of normal firewalls between prosecutors and the executive in a politically charged investigation – in an appearance on the Fox Business Network, where he also pronounced himself cured of the coronavirus.

The Justice Department did not immediately respond when asked to confirm the president’s characterization of his conversation with Barr.

Trump also repeatedly blasted Hillary Clinton for her email scandal that was a feature of the 2016 campaign, and said former President Barack Obama and 2020 rival former Vice President Joe Biden should be charged with spying on his campaign.

‘Unless Bill Barr indicts these people for crimes, the greatest political crime in the history of our country, then we’re going to get little satisfaction unless I win and we’ll just have to go, because I won’t forget it,’ Trump said.

‘But these people should be indicted, this was the greatest political crime in the history of our country and that includes Obama and it includes Biden. These are people that spied on my campaign and we have everything,’ Trump said.

He was referencing U.S. Attorney John Durham’s probe of alleged FBI misconduct during the Russia probe, instigated by Barr’s appointment of Durham, a career prosecutor.

Man, Trump is really losing his shit now. 

The Russia investigation has been combed over by both the Senate and the House and they found that it was, for the most part, handled appropriately. 

I don’t know what new evidence Trump thinks this Durham guy will uncover, but I can guarantee that it will not be justification for throwing Biden and Obama in jail. 

Keep in mind that Trump claimed on the campaign trail back in 2016 that when he became president he would have Hillary Clinton locked up. 

So this is nothing new, however, it is wildly unconstitutional. 

No wonder Nancy Pelosi wants this lunatic to hand over power to Mike Pence. 

P.S. After I wrote this post I learned that Bill Barr is telling folks that this Durham reports will not even be available until after the election.

Courtesy of Axios

Attorney General Bill Barr has begun telling top Republicans that the Justice Department’s sweeping review into the origins of the Russia investigation will not be released before the election, a senior White House official and a congressional aide briefed on the conversations tell Axios.

My guess is that there will be no revelation before the election because nothing new was discovered worth revealing. 

It’s kind of like those famous investigators that Trump sent to Hawaii to find President Obama’s actual birth certificate. 

He kept telling us how they were learning so many shocking things until suddenly he never mentioned them again.