Wait, isn’t THAT voter fraud?

Courtesy of NYT:

President Trump on Wednesday suggested that people in North Carolina stress-test the security of their elections systems by voting twice — an act that constitutes the kind of voter fraud the president has railed against.

Mr. Trump made the comment in a briefing with reporters, where he was asked about his faith in the state’s system for voting by mail, which is expected to be more expansive in the 2020 presidential election than in previous years because of concerns about the spread of the coronavirus.

Mr. Trump encouraged people to send in an absentee ballot and then go vote in person on Election Day.

“Let them send it in and let them go vote, and if their system’s as good as they say it is, then obviously they won’t be able to vote,” the president said. “If it isn’t tabulated, they’ll be able to vote.”

“That’s the way it is,” he added. “And that’s what they should do.”

Voting twice in the same election is illegal.

For months Trump has been accusing the Democrats of preparing to steal the election from him through voter fraud, with not one bit of evidence to substantiate his allegations, and then he just comes right out and suggests that his supporters blatantly engage in voter fraud as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

The man is insane!

By the way, if they follow his advice not only will they potentially face jail time, but he can also be prosecuted for encouraging their crimes once he is out of the White House.