Courtesy of The Independent:

Donald Trump has promoted a clip from an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm which portrays his supporters as “repellent”.

In the segment, from the first episode of the recently released 10th series of the comedy, an absent-minded Larry David nearly hits a biker as he changes lane.

“Hey, what the f*** are you doing? Motherf*****, what the f***!” the biker shouts, repeating the profanity several times as David apologises profusely.

As the man threatens to “rip [him] out of that f***ing car, David hastily puts on a Make America Great Again hat as he winds the window down, instantly calming the angry biker down, who says: “Just be more careful next time, okay.

The president seized on the sketch, captioning the grainy footage “TOUGH GUYS FOR TRUMP” and pinning it to the top of his Twitter feed. But he appears to have missed some important context.

The episode centres around David’s idea to use the hat as a “great people repellent”, which sees acquaintances and strangers alike shun his company thanks to his apparent support for the president.

Meanwhile, the only person attracted by the hat wants to attack him.

The fact that Trump sees this and immediately thinks it makes his supporters look tough is laugh out loud funny. 

It is also worth noting that Trump thinks it is presidential to tweet a video filled with expletives and threats of violence out to millions of Americans.