Hell yeah!

Courtesy of The Independent

Donald Trump’s “political interference” with the coronavirus work of the CDC and FDA will be investigated by a government watchdog.

The Government Accountability Office will probe whether the White House’s alleged interference during the pandemic “has violated the agencies’ scientific integrity and communication policies.”

Senator Elizabeth Warren was joined by Senator Gary Peters and Senator Patty Murray in writing to the GAO to demand the review earlier this month.

The GAO is often called the “congressional watchdog” and is a non-partisan government agency that provides auditing and investigation services for the United States Congress.

“The CDC and FDA’s independence as scientific agencies is crucial to safeguarding the public health and saving lives,” the Democratic politicians wrote in their request.

“These agencies must be able to develop, review, and disseminate public health data, guidelines, and other information that are based on science, facts, and medical principles—and not the political imperatives and moods of a president and his advisors.”

Trump administration officials have reportedly pressured the CDC scientists to change, delay or even remove virus recommendations.

I cannot imagine that it would be very hard to build a case against Trump since we essentially watched all of this play out in real-time. 

I mean it’s not like he was being covert about any of his interference, hell no, he was tweeting about it.