Courtesy of Axios:

One of the crazy nuggets in a deeply reported book by the N.Y. Times’ Michael Schmidt — “Donald Trump v. the United States,” out tomorrow — is that President Trump mulled the idea of “settling” with special counsel Robert Mueller.

“At one point, as the investigation seemed to be intensifying,” Schmidt writes, Trump told White House counsel Don McGahn “that there was nothing to worry about because if it was zeroing in on him, he would simply settle with Mueller. He would settle the case, as if he were negotiating terms in a lawsuit.”

Okay, a couple of things here.

First, if Trump considered trying to settle this like a lawsuit, that meant that he realized he was guilty and wanted to halt the investigation before it revealed just how guilty. 

Second, who in the hell was advising Trump for him to even consider this as a possibility? 

And thirdly, damn I really wish he would have actually tried to do this because I think it would likely have been perceived by Robert Mueller as a bribe, and perhaps THAT would have given the Republicans no choice but to vote to impeach his ass. 

At this point in time, I am no longer shocked at how stupid Trump is, but rather that so many people continue to provide cover for him to keep him in office.