Courtesy of The Daily Caller:

THE DAILY CALLER: Speaking of the FBI, sir, were you comfortable with the way and the force that was used against the raid in Roger Stone’s house? Do you think that was appropriate for your FBI to be doing that in a white collar case?

POTUS: I thought it was very unusual. You know, I’ve stayed out of that whole situation so that — because there was no collusion whatsoever. There was no nothing done wrong and frankly, I could have waded in very early, I could have ended it very easily if I wanted to but just let it run its course. But I will say, like, I’m speaking for a lot of people that were very disappointed to see that go down that way, to see it happen where it was on camera, on top of it.

That was a very, very disappointing scene —

THE DAILY CALLER: You thought it was unusual that CNN was there?

POTUS: — You have 29 people and you have armored vehicles and you had all of the other and, you know, many people know Roger, and Roger is not a person that they would have to worry about from that standpoint. I thought it was sad to see it.

THE DAILY CALLER: Would you ask the FBI to review its use of force, its militarization when it handles cases like this?

POTUS: I think it’s a good question for you to ask, and it’s something I’ll think about.

He’s not going to do anything about the militarization of the FBI because he loves it in most cases, and is only irritated when it is directed at one of his peeps

As for CNN being at that location the day of the raid that is what is known as “good journalism” a thing that Donald Trump and the Daily Caller could not ever comprehend. 

By the way, the reason that the FBI came at Stone so early in the morning and with that number of agents is to prevent the destruction of evidence, which apparently they managed to do quite effectively.

Courtesy of the Daily Beast

FBI agents seized several years worth of Roger Stone’s communications following his arrest last week, prosecutors told a federal judge on Thursday. In a motion to ask for more time to bring Stone’s case to trial, the feds said one reason is because discovery is “both voluminous and complex,” adding up to “several terabytes of information.” It includes results of search warrants served on Stone’s Apple iCloud accounts and email accounts, as well as warrants served on his home, apartment, and office that seized Stone’s cellphones, computers, and hard drives. After the evidence is filtered by a separate FBI team to separate out communications that are privileged (such as discussions with his attorney), it will be given to prosecutors and shared with Stone’s defense. Stone is charged by Special Counsel Robert Mueller with eight counts related to alleged lies to Congress about his discussions with WikiLeaks and the Trump campaign during the 2016 election. The case will be jointly tried by the U.S. Attorney for D.C., who filed the motion. Stone’s defense doesn’t oppose the move.

A terabyte equals one million million bytes of data, which is in layman’s terms is a shit ton. 

So several of them equals a voluminous amount of data. Data that might have been lost if Stone had been warned the FBI raid was imminent. 

And that is really what has Trump’s panties in a twist here. 

He could care less about the use of manpower in an FBI raid, but he is laser-focused on the data that the FBI may have seized from his former adviser.