Courtesy of CNN:

Donald Trump has appeared “distracted” by the impeachment trial that begins on Tuesday, according to a source close to the White House who speaks to the President regularly.

“Why are they doing this to me,” the source quoted Trump as saying repeatedly, telling people around him this weekend at Mar-a-Lago that he “can’t understand why he is impeached.”

Really? Has he not been watching cable news?

Or I assume he is only watching Fox News which is continually telling him he did nothing wrong.

Unfortunately for him the American people not choking down the bullshit at Fox know exactly why he was impeached and most support it 100%.

Speaking of reasons to impeach, apparently, Trump also shared with his Mar-a-Lago visitors his reason for taking out Gen. Qasem Soleimani.

Also courtesy of CNN:

President Trump recounted minute-by-minute details of the US strike that killed Iran’s top military commander during remarks to high-dollar Republican donors at his South Florida estate, according to audio obtained by CNN.

Trump, speaking at a GOP fundraising dinner Friday evening, offered new details about the strike that killed Gen. Qasem Soleimani, which exacerbated tensions in the region and led to an ongoing dispute with Congress over his constitutional ability to wage war.

In his speech — held inside the gilded ballroom on his Mar-a-Lago property — he claimed that Soleimani was “saying bad things about our country” before the strike, which led to his decision to authorize his killing.

“How much of this shit do we have to listen to?” Trump asked. “How much are we going to listen to?”

Trump did not describe an “imminent threat” that led to his decision to kill Soleimani, the justification used by administration officials in the aftermath of the attack.

So, according to Trump, assassination is justified for the simple crime of daring to criticize the United States. 

Boy, he is starting to sound more like a fascist dictator every day.