I knew he was never going to let him testify.

Courtesy of The Guardian:

John Bolton will be blocked from testifying at Donald Trump’s impeachment trial, the president has indicated, despite the former national security adviser insisting he would do so if he received a subpoena.

Trump claimed in an interview with Fox News host Laura Ingraham on Friday night he would “love everybody to testify”, including Bolton, secretary of state Mike Pompeo and acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney.

But he went on to say “there are things that you can’t do from the standpoint of executive privilege”.

“Especially a national security adviser,” Trump added. “You can’t have him explaining all of your statements about national security concerning Russia, China and North Korea, everything. You just can’t do that.”

Asked if that meant he would invoke executive privilege to prevent Bolton from testifying, Trump said: “I think you have to for the sake of the office.”

“For the sake of the office”?

Who does this guy think he’s fooling?

Trump does not give two shits about future presidents.

All Trump is trying to do here is to keep the information about his decision to withhold that aid from Ukraine from coming out. 

Remember this?

The Trump supporters bitched incessantly that the House had not presented any fact witnesses, well here is a witness with firsthand knowledge that Trump is aggressively preventing from testifying. 

So what do those ass-kissing Republicans say now?