Donald Trump, and the Right Wing media, seem to think that former DNI James Clapper has turned on former CIA director John Brennan, but that is false.

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Okay, so those are the comments made on CNN which seemed to somehow convince the Right Wing and Donald Trump that Clapper was slamming John Brennan for making over the top statements. 

Here is what Trump tweeted in response:

Admonished? There was no admonishment.

This is how it was reported by CNN:

Clapper, said Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union” that he sees Brennan’s rhetoric as concerning, even if he believes the former CIA director has a right to speak his mind.

“I think it is,” Clapper said when asked if Brennan’s hyperbole was an issue. “I think John is sort of like a freight train, and he’s going to say what’s on his mind. I think, though, that the common denominator among all of us that have been speaking up, though, is a genuine concern about the jeopardy or threats to our institutions and values, and although we may express that in different ways. And I think that’s what this really is about. But John and his rhetoric, I think, have become an issue in and of itself.”

Now that is a hell of a lot more accurate than what the Right Wing media is reporting right now, but it is still editorializing. 

Rather than Clapper suggesting that Brennan’s rhetoric was concerning, he simply responded with “I think it is,” to a question asking if he thought that Brennan’s remarks are why we are having this crisis concerning the removal of people’s security clearance. 

He certainly did not admonish his good friend, nor did he appear to be kissing up to Trump in order to hang onto his own security clearance. 

Clapper himself has said many things that were highly critical of Donald Trump and has also suggested that he would not be president if Russia had not helped him win the election, so to think that he has suddenly switched sides is simply wishful thinking on the part of Trump and his supporters. 

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  1. Anonymous August 21, 2018 at 11:29 am

    A lot of what’s driving Trump’s ire, White House advisers said, is Trump’s growing realization that his previous legal team, Ty Cobb and John Dowd, made a strategic error in waiving executive privilege to cooperate fully with Mueller. But Trump being Trump, he won’t admit to making this mistake, so he directs blame onto others. Another theory for what’s motivating Trump’s increasingly unhinged tweets is that Mueller may be closing in on his son Don Jr. “A lot of what Trump is doing is based on the fact [that] Mueller is going after Don Jr.,” a person close to the Trump family told me. “They’re squeezing Don Jr. right now.”

  2. Anon August 21, 2018 at 11:32 am

    dotard dRUMPf has/had ZER0 Friends.

  3. Palins are on the ash heap of history August 21, 2018 at 12:53 pm

    Manafort guilty and Cohen is pleading guilty. Is it wrong to have an orgasm over Mango Hitler’s bad day?

    • Anon August 21, 2018 at 1:55 pm

      It is fun and delightful for justice to be served and admissions of guilt made. There seems to be enough corroborating evidence, paper trails and tape recordings to find Trump guilty of campaign finance violations. Cheers to more karma for Trump. I can’t wait to hear what Giuliani babbles to attempt to spin this.

      The rally tonight by Trump will be one for the record books.

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