Here is some video of the suspect Cesar Altieri Sayoc, attending a Trump rally.

Trump also suggested that he has already toned down his rhetoric.

“I could really tone it up?”

What does that mean, calling for the actual death of the people on his enemies list?

So here’s’ the thing, despite what Trump might want you to believe there is ample evidence to suggest that the MAGAbomber was indeed inspired, and even directed, by Trump’s hateful rhetoric. 

Now don’t get me wrong, this guy has a history of making threats and he made a lot of them to people that Trump has never even heard of much less spoke out against. 

For example:

However it does not appear that Sayoc acted out his anger toward these individuals in a violent manner, instead sticking to threats on Twitter and Facebook and attempts at intimidation.

This time something changed.

And that something was his almost psychotic worship of Donald Trump.

This guy’s infatuation with Trump completely overwhelmed any sense of logic.

Trump’s enemies became his enemies, and he took Trump’s verbal attacks against these people as indications that they deserved to be punished or even killed, and he proceeded to do his best to make that happen. 

So once again, without Donald Trump spewing his special brand of hatred out to his supporters, this incident would simply never have occurred.

And what’s more, if Trump continues attacking people on Twitter and during these Hitleresque rallies, Sayoc will not be the last one to use violence in support of his esteemed leader.

Count on it.