And this was in public.

Courtesy of The Independent

Donald Trump exploded with anger at one of his most senior aides about missing a phone call with Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to a former No 10 official.

The US president’s rant about the missed call happened “right in front” of former prime minister Theresa May in Washington, her ex-chief of staff Nick Timothy has revealed.

Mr. Timothy spoke about a “fairly extraordinary” lunch during which Mr. Trump shouted at his then-national security advisor Michael Flynn.

“Somebody just mentioned in passing that Vladimir Putin had asked for a call with him, and right in front us he absolutely shouted down Mike Flynn,” he said.

“Like really shouted. This was at a formal dinner with butlers and fancy crockery – and he was properly shouting at him down the table.”

Mr. Timothy said the president yelled: “If Putin wants a call with me you just put him through.”

Speaking on the What Were They Thinking? podcast, the former Downing Street figure added: “The whole thing was very a strange experience.

“And not especially reassuring about the state of [Trump’s] mind, or the stability of decision-making in the White House.”

Can you imagine Barack Obama doing this?

How about Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden? 

Of course not!

But apparently Putin has Trump on a short leash, and when he calls he expects his puppet to run to the phone to receive his marching orders. 

There is now overwhelming evidence that Donald Trump works for the Kremlin and yet people continue to act as if he is just another politician. 

He is not, he is a traitor to this country, and he should be removed immediately.