I swear no matter how much longer this goes on I will never not be shocked at seeing somebody’s insanity tweeted out like this for public consumption. 

If this were any other person he would have already been institutionalized. 

Courtesy of Mother Jones:

After leaving office, Barack and Michelle Obama reportedly signed a $65 million book deal, as well as a “high 8-figure” deal with Netflix to produce films and series. It’s unclear why Trump thinks that the Obamas’ post-White House endeavors are worth investigating, or what crime he is implying they have committed.

Trump’s accusations against Obama are nothing new. Trump was an active participant in the “birther” movement, steadfastly accusing Obama of having been born outside the United States. It wasn’t until 2016—when Trump was running for president—that he conceded that Obama was born in Hawaii.

Donald Trump is obsessed with Barack Obama and the longer he stays in this job and realizes how incredibly difficult it is the angrier he gets that Obama made it all look so easy. 

Chrissy Teigen was right, Trump really is a pussy ass bitch.