Boy the shitstain does not fall far from the asshole does it?

Courtesy of The Week:

Credible mainstream media sources have so far refused to speculate on the name of the whistleblower who launched President Trump’s Ukraine scandal, especially because the whistleblower’s lawyer has warned of possibly violent consequences for their yet-unnamed client. But that didn’t stop the president’s son from tweeting out the name right-wing sites are circulating on Wednesday, ignoring any death threats against the whistleblower that come with it.

The whistleblower’s concerns originated with a phone call between Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, in which Trump seems to tell Zelensky he won’t get U.S. aid money unless he investigates the 2016 U.S. election and former Vice President Joe Biden and his son. The whistleblower report eventually turned into an official impeachment inquiry into Trump, and testifying witness have since corroborated the whistleblower’s outline of a quid pro quo between Trump and Zelensky.

While one New York Times report did hint at the whistleblower’s identity, a name has been publicized by right-wing sources, with Trump’s son now even getting involved, despite whistleblower protection laws. The whistleblower’s lawyer didn’t acknowledge if that name was correct in a Wednesday statement, but did explicitly condemn Trump Jr. and other sources for explicitly furthering a dialogue that “will simply place that individual and their family at risk of serious harm.”

So without confirmation, Junior and the other right wing trolls are just masturbating into the wind. 

However that does not mean the people they identify, whether correct or incorrect, may not face harassment or even violence from the unhinged Trump supporters. 

But does this possibility bother Junior in the least?

Hell no.

I don’t think that Junior realizes that the majority of Americans do not lurk around white supremacist, neo-nazi websites, so no, any name they pull out of the ass is not yet in the public domain. 

Well, not until the spoiled son of a wealthy politician tweets it out to the masses that is.