So is this the beginning of Trump’s civil war?

Courtesy of TPM:

Appearing haggard and hoarse, Donald Trump Jr. stared down the camera and began recruiting soldiers.

“We need every able-bodied man and woman to join Army for Trump’s election security operation,” he said, the words “ENLIST NOW!” plastered next to his face.

“We need you to help us watch them.”

Trump Jr. wasn’t talking about an armed security force, at least not yet: No, he was recruiting volunteers for Trump’s Election Day Operations team, according to a website he boosted in the video.

Campaign spokesperson Erin Perrine, in another video on the site, warned that Democrats “will be up to their old dirty tricks on Election Day to make sure that President Trump doesn’t win. Therefore, she said, the campaign wanted to “cover every polling place in the country with people like you.”

Trump took it a step further, accusing the “radical left” of “laying the groundwork to steal this election from my father.”

“They are planting stories that President Trump will have a landslide lead on election night but will lose when they finish counting the mail-in ballots,” he said. “Their plan is to add millions of fraudulent ballots that can cancel your vote and overturn the election. We cannot let that happen.”

So Junior is using the discussion on the Left of what to do if his father refuses to accept the election results, as proof that we intend to steal the election. 

That is some kind of stupidity mental Jiu-Jitsu there. 

Sadly Trump’s supporters will believe it wholeheartedly which I think means that violent confrontations are all but certain on election night. 

As I have said before I plan to participate in early voting just as soon as that option is available on October 19th.

Sadly Alaska will go for Trump no matter what I do, but dammit my vote will be counted!