Great, another gun-toting moron. Just what we need. 

Courtesy of The Independent

Donald Trump Jr has been granted the right to hunt a grizzly bear in northwestern Alaska near the Bering Sea town of Nome, a state official said on Friday.

The son of US President Donald Trump was one of three people who applied for 27 spots for non-resident hunters targeting grizzlies in a designated region of northwestern Alaska’s Seward Peninsula, said Eddie Grasser, the wildlife conservation director for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

The state conducts periodic drawings for permits to hunt bears, caribou, moose and other animals in various regions. Winners are chosen by a lottery, and there are typically many more applications than hunting tags awarded.

“We get thousands of applications,” Mr Grasser said. Whether anyone wins, he said, comes down to “pure chance, luck of the draw.”

But in the case of the bear-hunt permit that the president’s son won, there was little competition. Twenty-four tags for hunting bears in that region went unclaimed, Mr Grasser said.

Usually, these bear tags are a hot commodity so I was ready to accuse Junior of paying somebody off, but if it is true there were only a handful of applicants then I guess he just got lucky.

This is of course all part of the Safari Club’s “dream hunt” with Donald Trump’s eldest mistake. 

So okay Junior has the legal right to hunt bear in Alaska. 

I just hope he realizes that Alaska grizzlies have the legal right to hunt Trumps as well. 

Don’t miss Junior, sometimes you only get that one shot.