Yeah, like Donald Trump does not carefully monitor all of his ongoing business deals. 

Courtesy of Axios:

Donald Trump Jr. placed the blame for a Trump Tower Moscow project solely on President Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen in an interview on Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle” Monday night, saying, “We don’t know anything about it.”

The big picture: Trump Jr.’s statement contradicts multiple facts that have already been made public about the Moscow project — mentioned publicly in a 2013 Trump tweet — which was formalized in a letter of intent signed by Trump in October 2015 with a team of developers first revealed in 2017.

Don Jr.’s full quote on “The Ingraham Angle”:

“But the reality is this wasn’t a deal — we don’t know the developer. We don’t know the site. We don’t know anything about it.
Ultimately, it was Michael Cohen essentially trying to get a deal done. You know, he was there for a long time. He wasn’t exactly a deal guy. He didn’t bring too many to the table. So, I don’t think anyone took it all that seriously.”

You know even though I am perfectly aware of how often this family lies, I am still sometimes surprised by just how easily it comes to them. 

There is ample evidence to prove that Junior is lying his ass off here, with more on the way once Mueller files his report, and yet it does not even slow this little turd down. 

Donald Trump worked on getting a Russian deal for decades and there is NO way that he would have let Cohen negotiate this thing without overseeing its progress.