Karma? Is that you?

Courtesy of WaPo:

As first reported by the Guardian, a number of conservatives — some in telltale “Make America Great Again” caps and pro-Trump attire — began to shout at the president’s son and political adviser 20 minutes into an event moderated by Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk, after learning a question-and-answer session had been canceled.

Video from the event showed a chant that started out as “U-S-A! U-S-A!” turning quickly into angry cries of “Q-and-A! Q-and-A!” Minutes later, Trump Jr. and Guilfoyle stormed off the stage.

The chaotic scene contradicted Trump Jr.’s central thesis that liberals have grown so intolerant of dissenting voices, conservative politicians can no longer engage in civil discourse. It also exposed an increasingly hostile fissure between conservative student groups like Turning Point USA and a hard-right faction of young Trump devotees who have flocked to self-professed “American Nationalist” Nicholas Fuentes and his “America First” movement.

At first, Junior seemed to think that the protesters were liberals and so he openly mocked them:

“Name a time when conservatives have disrupted even the furthest leftist on a college campus,” he said to the crowd. “It doesn’t happen that way. We’re willing to listen.”

A member of the audience interrupted with a shout: “Then open the Q&A!”

“See what I mean?” Trump Jr. answered. “And that is the problem. And the reason oftentimes it doesn’t make sense to do the Q&A is not because we’re not willing to talk about the questions, cause we do. No. It’s because people hijack it with nonsense looking to go for some sort of sound bite. You have people spreading nonsense, spreading hate, trying to take over the room.”

The shouts and chanting just got louder so Junior’s gal pal Right Wing Barbie jumped into the fray:

Guilfoyle lost her composure. She shouted back at the young men, insulting their appearances and manners.

“No, it’s because you’re not making your parents proud by being rude and disruptive and discourteous,” she responded. “We are happy to answer a question. Respect the people around you so that they can hear.”

When the crowd continued to demand a chance to ask questions, Guilfoyle snapped, “Let me tell you something, I bet you engage and go on online dating because you’re impressing no one here to get a date in person.”

That response only inflamed the protesters, whose loud chants soon led the pair to leave the stage.

Of course as it turned out the protesters were indeed Trump supporters who were upset with Turning Point USA,  the conservative organization that hosted the event, for not allowing a Q&A. 

The leader, Nicholas Fuentes, even tweeted this:

“Our problem is not with [Trump Jr.] who is a patriot — We are supporters of his father!” he tweeted. “Our problem is with Charlie Kirk’s TPUSA organization that SHUTS DOWN and SMEARS socially conservative Christians and supporters of President Trump’s agenda. We are AMERICA FIRST!”

Perhaps Junior’s next book should be titled “Triggered part two, when conservatives eat their own.”