I think Putin tasked Trump with accomplishing this before he left office.

Courtesy of Business Insider

President Donald Trump says he’d like to invite Russian President Vladimir Putin to the next G7 meeting of world leaders, despite opposition to Russia’s participation from other members including the UK and Canada.

Speaking on Monday, Trump said he was inclined to hold the G7 meeting, which the US is scheduled to host and which was delayed from June because of the coronavirus pandemic, after the presidential election in November.

Asked whether he’d invite Putin, Trump replied, in comments reported by Reuters: “I don’t know but we have invited a number of people to the meeting. I certainly would invite him to the meeting.”

The G7 consists of Germany, France, the UK, Italy, Japan, Canada, and the US. The group used to include Russia as the G8, but the country was expelled in 2014 after annexing the Ukrainian region of Crimea.

I am simply amazed at the people who still refuse to believe that Trump is Putin’s puppet. 

I mean Russia puts a bounty on the head of our soldiers and is still working hard to interfere with our election process, and yet Trump sees no reason why he should not be allowed to sit at the big boy’s table. 

To be honest I am actually surprised that the other still allow America to participate consider how fucked up we are with Trump in charge. 

I would totally understand if they said “Yeah, you can take your ball and go home for right now, but we might reconsider your application to rejoin once you have elected an actual leader.”