Courtesy of The Hill:

The effort by Trump to discredit recent polls comes after a survey released by CNN on Monday showed the president trailing Biden by 14 points. Another poll from NBC News and The Wall Street Journal released over the weekend put Trump down by 7 points against Biden.

Trump lashed out at the CNN poll earlier on Monday, saying the network’s polls “are as Fake as their Reporting” and arguing that CNN polls from 2016 showed him trailing Hillary Clinton by similar margins before his unexpected victory in the Electoral College.

The analysis released on Monday, authored by the firm’s CEO, John McLaughlin, argues that “the latest skewed media polls” showing Trump trailing Biden by significant margins “must be intentional,” claiming that the surveys undersampled Republicans and failed to base their results on responses from “likely voters.”

That analysis by McLaughlin was, of course, inaccurate, but inaccuracies are kind of their stock ion trade:

McLaughlin’s polling work has been called into question before. In 2014, his work came under scrutiny after he fielded a poll showing former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) leading his primary challenger at the time, Dave Brat, by 34 points. Weeks later, Brat won that race by 11 points.

Obviously Trump is not interested in whether or not there are facts to refute the polls showing him losing, he just wants to create the impression that there are facts refuting the polls showing him losing. 

In fact, he has been trying to find somebody to make that argument on his behalf for a while now. 

Courtesy of Vanity Fair:

Over the weekend, Trump called around to New York friends and outside advisers in hopes they would validate Trump’s belief that the polls are wrong. “He’s asking people to agree with him that the polls are biased. But no one is telling him what he wants to hear,” said a Republican briefed on the calls.

So now Trump has found somebody who will tell him what he wants to hear. 

It does not really matter that it is inaccurate, only that it makes him feel better.