I can hear it now: “Welcome to London Mr. President, now kindly fuck off.”

Courtesy of CNN:

President Donald Trump heads to London this week to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the NATO alliance. He’s scheduled to meet with the leaders of Germany and France — but the White House says he doesn’t have a one-on-one visit with his host, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, on the schedule.

“Johnson is one of the President’s best friends in the foreign leader category,” Axios White House editor Margaret Talev said. “But Johnson sent very clear ‘stay away’ instructions, and that’s because in about 10 days there are really important elections in Britain.”

Johnson’s premiership is at stake — as is the fate of Brexit — and “President Trump is unpopular in Britain,” Talev said.

“But of course, the surest way to make President Trump do something is to tell him he should stay away,” she added.

From what I have seen Boris Johnson is fairly nuts. 

But even he is not crazy enough to let Donald Trump get too close with an election just around the corner. 

I imagine that a number of Trump’s Republican allies will treat him in a similar fashion in the leadup to 2020.