And do you know what? He probably will.

Courtesy of Business Insider:

President Donald Trump is furious at the prospect that President-elect Joe Biden may get credit for the coronavirus vaccines developed during his presidency, The Daily Beast reported.

Two people who have spoken to the president told The Daily Beast that he is getting upset at the idea Biden will “steal” the plaudits from him when a vaccine rolls out in the new administration.

Two vaccine candidates — one developed with assistance from Trump’s vaccine effort Operation Warp Speed — have emerged with their developers confident of more than 90% efficacy.

The president has largely delegated his administration’s coronavirus response efforts. But he has taken an enormous interest in a vaccine, and multiple reports over the last months have suggested that he strongly tied it to both his reelection hopes and his future legacy.

Two people with knowledge of Trump’s private comments told The Daily Beast that he had hoped to hold packed, mask-free rallies during a second term, where he would bask in touting Operation Warp Speed’s success.

He also planned to take a leading role in promoting the vaccine, and hold press conferences admonishing the media for skeptical coverage about the COVID-19 crisis, the sources said.

“The president has been looking forward to showing that he was right and the media was wrong,” one source told The Daily Beast.

Aww, what a shame that Trump’s plan to rub the success of the vaccine in the media face backfired. 

I guess we can all shed crocodile tears over that one. 

Of course, now that there appear to be vaccines that will soon be available the real test will be in getting them out to the public. 

Trump did not really seem to have a coherent plan for this, and whatever plan Biden is formulating may determine how much credit or blame he might receive. 

I cannot envision Joe Biden going around bragging about a vaccine that was created before his first term began, or even really bragging bout disseminating that vaccine when he takes office. 

Demanding adulation for everything that you do is a Trump thing, not a Joe Biden thing.