Great, now there will be two of them.

Courtesy of HuffPo:

U.S. President Donald Trump has invited British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to visit him in the White House in the new year, British media reported on Sunday.

Trump’s invitation was made after the British prime minister’s election win this month, The Sunday Times newspaper reported. Britain wants to strike a new trade deal with the United States after it leaves the European Union at the end of January.

“Some potential dates have been floated in mid-January but nothing has yet been formally agreed. But it is clear that both sides want to make it happen some time in early 2020,” the Sunday Times quoted a source close to the White House as saying.

Johnson is reluctant to make the visit before delivering Brexit on Jan. 31 and would prefer to go after a cabinet reshuffle scheduled in February, when he is expected to appoint cabinet office minister Michael Gove as his new trade negotiator, The Mail on Sunday reported.

Trump really wants to invite a comparison between Johnson’s recent victories in the UK and his upcoming reelection here at home. 

For most of us who see Brexit as a bad thing this would seem like a terrible idea, but to Trump’s racist base this is like political catnip. 

All I know is that I feel like I am watching a disaster movie where the very foundations of democracy are starting to crumble, only it is happening in real life.