Courtesy of Mediaite:

At a campaign rally in Michigan Saturday afternoon, President Donald Trump joked about being called a fascist by his critics and got the crowd of his supporters to chant “twelve more years.”

Trump has been criticized for holding these rallies as the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread across the country, with many attendees failing to wear face masks or socially distance. He spent several minutes complaining that many states were restricting large gatherings, so they were not officially calling these events rallies, but rather “peaceful protests.”

“The only thing you could do is you could protest,” said Trump, “you could riot in the streets of Minneapolis, burn down their stores, you could beat the hell out of people, you could do whatever you want.”

“So I said I have an idea, let’s call all our rallies, which we do, peaceful protests,” he said as the crowd cheered. “If we call this a rally we would have a problem. So we’ll call it a peaceful protest.”

“If you are a moderate Democrat or liberal, who knows,” Trump continued, “your party has gone totally off the rails. You have a moral duty to immediately stop this lunacy. You must by law join the Republican Party. We then welcome you to the Republican Party and the party of Abraham Lincoln. You know, I say that. A lot of people don’t know that.”

Yeah, I am sure that Trump would love to pass a law that made it mandatory to join the Republican party, I think Hitler did a similar thing in Germany. 

By the way one of the differences between those peaceful outdoor protests and Trump rallies is that only one of them seems to have significantly spread the virus. 

Courtesy of CNN:

The Minnesota Department of Health said it has so far traced 20 cases of Covid-19 back to a rally held by President Trump in Bemidji last month, or to related events.

Of the 20 cases, 16 are among people who attended the rally, including two who are now hospitalized. Four people said they participated in counter-protests that same day, the state department of health told CNN. The state is describing it as an “outbreak.”

The rally took place on Sept. 18 in an airplane hangar. According to a CNN producer who attended the event, at least 2,000 people were in attendance.

The state has traced another eight cases to other campaign events held throughout the state. One case has been linked to a rally for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden on Sept. 18 in Duluth. Three cases have been linked to a Vice President Mike Pence’s speech in Minneapolis on Sept. 24. Another three cases have been traced to attendants of a Trump rally in Duluth on Sept. 30 and one more case linked to an event featuring a speech by Eric Trump in Becker, Minnesota, on Oct. 1.

The state has a tracked a total of 28 Covid-19 positive cases to various campaign events in the last few weeks.

I think it is significant that only one of those cases was traced back to a Joe Biden event, though obviously, it would be better if that number was zero. 

The Republicans, on the other hand, are infecting their people right and left and seem to be determined to spread the virus as far as possible which is just one more reason that Trump needs to be voted out in November. 

You know, that and the fact that he seems to be trying to become America’s first dictator for life.