Why am I not surprised?

Courtesy of Politico

President Donald Trump gave Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro his full backing Tuesday as the region struggles to contain wildfires wreaking havoc in the Amazon rainforest and as Bolsonaro rejected a pot of international aid to fight the blazes.

“I have gotten to know President @jairbolsonaro well in our dealings with Brazil,” Trump said in a tweet. “He is working very hard on the Amazon fires and in all respects doing a great job for the people of Brazil – Not easy. He and his country have the full and complete support of the USA!”

Really? “Working very hard on the Amazon fires?”

Brazil on Tuesday said it would reject $20 million in aid money offered by G-7 nations after this weekend’s summit to battle the massive fires that have threatened one of the world’s greatest sources of biodiversity.

“The Amazon are the lungs of the planet, and the consequences are dire for the planet,” French President Emmanuel Macron said in announcing the aid fund earlier this week. The assistance was not intended solely for Brazil, but for the nearly dozen countries that make up the Amazon region in South America, including French Guinea.

Bolsonaro’s decision to spurn the aid money from France and other economic giants comes amid a public spat with Macron that resulted Monday in the French president openly wishing Brazil would soon have a new leader.

Yeah, it’s kind of hard to claim you are “working hard” to fight these fires and then send back twenty million dollars to help put them out. 

Bolsonaro claimed that he might be willing to accept the donations to help save the forest if French President Macron would apologize to him.

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Brazillian President Jair Bolsonaro refused to accept $22 million worth of aid from G7 countries to extinguish the fires raging through the Amazon rainforest, which supplies a wealth of the world’s most vital resources.

Bolsonaro then signaled that he would consider accepting the aid when French President Emmanuel Macron apologizes.

What? Who does this?

How can you possibly put the entire planet at risk until you feel you got your assed kissed properly?  

And of course Donald Trump supports this guy because he does not even believe in climate change, and does not understand the dangers of allowing these fires in the Amazon to continue burning out of control. 

This who we are now folks. 

Instead of America taking the lead in dealing with national disasters we now have a leader who just wants to sit back and watch the world burn.