Oh no he didn’t!

Courtesy of Politico

President Donald Trump on Tuesday defended his decision to share a tweet suggesting Bill and Hillary Clinton were involved in financier Jeffrey Epstein’s suicide, and stoked speculation about the former president’s relationship with the deceased convicted sex offender.

“The retweet — which is what it was, just a retweet — was from somebody that’s a very respected conservative pundit, so I think that was fine,” Trump told reporters, referring to a conspiratorial message by comedian and commentator Terrence K. Williams, which he re-posted Saturday.

The president has been criticized for promulgating the unfounded theory that the Clintons had a hand in Epstein’s death. Trump said on Tuesday that he had “no idea” whether the Clintons played a role in the high-profile prisoner’s demise and accused former President Bill Clinton of lying about the extent of his air travel on Epstein’s planes.

“I know he was on his plane 27 times, and he said he was on the plane four times,” Trump said. “But when they checked the plane logs, Bill Clinton — who was a very good friend of Epstein — he was on the plane about 27 or 28 times. So why did he say four times?”

“The question you have to ask is, did Bill Clinton go to the island? Because Epstein had an island. That was not a good place, as I understand it, and I was never there,” Trump said Tuesday. “So you have to ask, did Bill Clinton go to the island? That’s the question. If you find that out, you’re going to know a lot.”

Here is more courtesy of WaPo:

Trump also noted that Attorney General William P. Barr had ordered an investigation into the circumstances around Epstein’s death in a federal corrections facility in Manhattan, which the Justice Department initially called an “apparent suicide.”

“Basically what we’re saying is we want an investigation,” Trump said. “I want a full investigation, and that’s what I absolutely am demanding.”

I am not even sure that Trump understands what a dangerous game he is playing here.

Does he really think that any investigation that might touch Bill Clinton, will not also esnare him as well?

Of the two I think it seems pretty clear that Trump has much more to hide than does Bill Clinton. 

Having said that I am all for an agressive and far reaching investigation. 

Let’s find evidence on everybody who protected Epstein, partied with Epstein, joinied Epstein in raping underage girls, and supported Epstein’s extravagant lifestyle. 

I could not be more on board.