I was not sure how Trump would ultimately deal with this story since no explanation put him in a good light, but even I did not think he would simply reject it out of hand with there being so much evidence to back it up. 

I mean US officials briefed intelligence agencies from other countries, how does somebody call it “fake news” after that? 

He must know at this point that House Democrats are going to demand a hearing and that he will be exposed as a liar. 

Trump also had his press secretary attack the “leakers” rather than confirm or deny whether her boss had been briefed about the Russian bounties. 

So in the eyes of this administration, the bad guys are not those to ignored intelligence about Russia targeting American troops, but rather the individual who leaked that to the US free press. 

That is literally amazing. 

Once again to paraphrase Nancy Pelosi, “What exactly does Putin have on Donald Trump?”