Captain Crazy is at it again.

Courtesy of CNN:

President Donald Trump repeated his false claims that a count of legally cast ballots would show him winning the presidential election on Thursday, using the White House briefing room to espouse claims that he is being deprived the presidency by fraud.

“If you count the legal votes I easily win,” Trump said, providing no evidence for his claim. “If you count the illegal votes, they can try to steal the election from us.”

His message came as new tallies show his lead dwindling in Georgia and Pennsylvania. While Trump retains a pathway to 270 electoral votes, it is growing smaller.

Trump said he was advocating for a halt in counting of “votes that came in late,” and went on to tout races that had already been called for him.

“I’ve already decisively won many critical states, including massive victories,” he claimed.

Entrenched at the White House with no public events on his schedule, Trump has personally dispatched advisers to battlegrounds across the country hoping to wage legal fights in places where the margins remain tight.

That has included his two adult sons, who voiced frustration on Thursday that more Republicans weren’t publicly backing the President in his battle to halt vote counting.

“Where is the GOP?! Our voters will never forget…” wrote Eric Trump. His older brother, Donald Trump Jr., accused “2024 GOP hopefuls” of remaining silent in the effort.

I don’t believe I have ever seen an entire family have a break with sanity before, I gotta say, it’s kind of fun to watch.

Here is what the New York Times reported:

President Trump broke a two-day silence with reporters to deliver a brief statement filled with egregious falsehoods and smears about the election process as workers in a handful of states continued to tabulate votes.

The president painted the election results so far as part of a broad conspiracy to deprive him of a second term by Democrats, election officials in various cities and the news media.

“If you count the legal votes, I easily win,” Mr. Trump began when he took the podium in the White House briefing room, a false statement that cast aspersion on the rest of the election. He offered no evidence; instead, he listed a series of conspiracy theories about why ballots arrived late in some places.

At the same time that he insisted that Democrats were figuring out how many mail-in ballots they needed to counteract his performance in various states, the president listed a series of successful Republican wins on Tuesday and appeared unaware of the cognitive dissonance in saying that other Republicans had won while he lost as he claimed a plot to harm him.

You know this sounds crazy because, by God, it is crazy.

However, there are a number of mentally deficient Trump supporters who are now completely freaking out because their messiah is having this election “stolen” from him.  

He is purposefully inciting unhinged lunatics to attack journalists, Democrats, and regular folks who they feel might be working to defeat their hero, and that is fucking irresponsible and dangerous. 

I don’t believe that Trump will be happy until his acolytes start killing people in the streets.

And we may be terrifyingly close to that reality.