So that’s the plan.

Courtesy of Business Insider:

President Donald Trump, in remarks to reporters, said that knowing the result of this year’s presidential election could take “months” or “years,” as he continued to cast doubt on mail-in votes ahead of an expected surge in the number of Americans casting their ballot by post.

“Usually at the end of the evening, they say ‘Donald Trump has won the election, Donald Trump is your new president,'” Trump said during the remarks at his golf resort in Bedminster, New Jersey.

“You know what? You’re not going to know this — possibly, if you really did it right — for months or for years. Because these ballots are all going to be lost, they’re all going to be gone,” Trump said.

Clearly that is exactly what Trump has planned for our ballots on election night, so we need to do everything in our power to keep him from accomplishing that goal.

And before you pooh-pooh this let me remind you that this is exactly how we got George W. Bush.  

On election night 2000, NBC and CNN both said that Al Gore had won Florida. 

Immediately after that Fox News and the Right-Wing flipped out and forced CNN and NBC to backtrack. 

For another month the two campaigns battled it out over Florida, with the Republicans questioning every vote that did not go to their candidate.

In the end, the Supreme Court decided that election for Bush. 

The long delay allowed the Republicans to sow enough doubt and to exhaust the American public to the point that there was not a huge outcry after that decision. 

Of course, after all of those Florida ballots were finally counted it turned out that NBC and CNN had gotten it right, and that Al Gore had indeed won that state and the entire election. 

But it was too late, we had George W. Bush for eight years, which resulted in two unnecessary wars, and the worst economic crash since the Great Depression. 

The Republicans know how to steal an election, the question is, do the Democrats know how to protect one?