Courtesy of The Independent:

Donald Trump slammed ABC and Washington Post as “two very bad and dangerous media outlets” after they released a joint-poll showing the president’s approval rating in decline and growing fears of an economic recession.

“ABC/Washington Post Poll was the worst and most inaccurate poll of any taken prior to the 2016 Election,” the president wrote in a tweet on Tuesday morning. “When my lawyers protested, they took a 12 point down and brought it to almost even by Election Day.”

“It was a Fake Poll by two very bad and dangerous media outlets,” he added. “Sad!”

The latest poll released by the two media outlets showed a six-point drop from the president’s record-high approval rating of 44 per cent — the highest he has achieved since taking office in 2016. The numbers have been historically low for a modern president, albeit remarkably consistent, usually holding somewhere steady in the high 30s or low 40s.

Mr Trump’s approval rating has fallen somewhat amid a trade war the president has ignited with China and a summer of controversies involving world leaders and US officials staying at his private properties and exclusive resorts. The president also sparked swift backlash on Capitol Hill when he suggested hosting next year’s G7 summit at his golf club in Florida.

Trump was distracted by other things later in the day but picked right back up on his attacks this morning. 

The polls are likely to get even worse for him once the impeachment investigation really gets going, but his base of support will probably not change because they have been conditioned to mistrust all media outlets that do not praise their supreme leader.