As you can see Twitter marked this as misleading.

Courtesy of the Daily Mail:

President Donald Trump issued a dark election eve prediction about a Supreme Court ruling that could cost him votes in Pennsylvania – claiming it will lead to ‘violence in the streets.’

The president made the claim in a tweet Monday, just hours before the first in-person election day votes were to be cast, after suffering a legal setback in the Keystone State days ago. He followed up with his most direct statement yet about taking legal action, saying his lawyers will be ‘fighting.’

In a stunning public statement by a sitting president, Trump said the decision by the high court will ‘induce violence in the streets.’ The tweet came amid preparations at the White House and in Washington for potential blowback in the event of a contested election.

The issue that has Trump so worked up is the Supreme Court decision to allow an extended count of Pennsylvania mail-in ballots postmarked by Election Day.

In other words, these are ballots that must be counted after election day, and Trump is determined that the election be decided by election day, even though that never actually happens. 

It should not be lost on anyone that this is a sitting president actively fomenting violence in the streets if he does not get his way. 

We do not have businesses boarding up their windows and reporters wearing flak jackets for no reason, this is in direct response to Trump’s attempts to incite violence.  

Are you ready to vote him out now?