So this is what Trump tweeted today.

“Oh yeah, I totally told the Republicans to vote to release the report because it’s all a game anyway.”

Yeah, right. 

That’s why Trump spent yesterday morning before the vote freaking out about it. 

“This should never happen to a president again!”

Oh yeah, he is just playing the game alright.

But this is the thing that Trump does.

He is constantly trying to convince people he is totally in control and that nothing ever gets to him.

All the while we are all watching his psychotic meltdown on Twitter in real time.

It’s like Trump has a split personality. 

On the one hand, we have the guy who is trying to follow the advice of his handlers and attempting to pay it cool in public, but on the other hand, we have the real Twitter Donald Trump losing his fucking mind every day for all the world to see. 

This would all be very entertaining if the fate of the world did not hang in the balance.