Courtesy of HuffPo:

President Donald Trump claimed without evidence in a Twitter rant Saturday night that his “investigators” uncovered massive fraud in the election, and wondered why President-elect Joe Biden was “quickly forming a Cabinet.”

Trump baselessly claimed that “hundreds of thousands of fraudulent votes” have been discovered — “enough to ‘flip’ at least four States” and “more than enough to win the Election.”

Trump called on the courts or state legislatures to have the “COURAGE to do what has to be done,” adding: “THE WORLD IS WATCHING!!!”

Neither Trump nor his campaign has produced any evidence of the claims of fraud, either publicly or in numerous court cases filed by attorneys.

The tweets were marked by Twitter as “disputed.” They appear to represent Trump’s most blatant call yet for GOP state legislatures to attempt to seize the election on his behalf.

The level of self-delusion suffered by this imbecile is mind-boggling.

But the danger is that the delusion is apparently contagious and has infected a number of Republican politicians and millions of Trump’s followers.  

I predict chronic and widespread depression when it finally becomes clear that Trump will no longer have the job as president of the United States.