I bet you thought i made that shit up in my headline, but nope he really is that stupid.

Courtesy of WaPo:

President Trump on Tuesday abruptly called off a trip to Denmark, announcing in a tweet that he was postponing the visit because the country’s leader was not interested in selling him Greenland.

The move comes two days after Trump told reporters that owning Greenland, a self-governing country that is part of the kingdom of Denmark, “would be nice” for the United States from a strategic perspective.

Trump’s announcement suggests that, despite his denials, the central purpose of his trip had been discussion of a U.S. purchase of the massive, glaciered island, which holds increasing value as melting sea ice opens new parts of the Arctic to shipping and resource extraction.

The episode was also a rare window into secret White House national security planning, albeit with a Trumpian dealmaker’s twist and an element of the surreal. Trump touts his real estate background as a primary job qualification, promising voters he can negotiate better than his predecessors and spot a good deal. But the notion of buying a part of another country was widely met with surprise and bafflement when news broke last week of Trump’s interest in the island.

This is one of the most batshit crazy things I have ever read, and remember I covered Sarah Palin for nine years.

And perhaps the craziest thing about this is that it may in fact not be the real reason that Trump is canceling his viist.

Courtesy of The Local:

Former US president Barack Obama will visit Denmark for the second time in 12 months to give a talk in Aalborg at the end of September.

Obama’s September 28th stop in North Jutland would have fallen in the same month as the now-postponed official state visit of his successor, Donald Trump, on September 2nd and 3rd.

Now as crazy as this also seems, it actually makes more sense that a guy obsessed with crowd size would not want to to visit a destination in the same month that Barack “Everybody loves me” Obama visits. 

You just know that the headlines would be all about the protests that greeted Trump and the adulation which Obama bathed in during his visit. 

Can you imagine being so embarrassed about the real reason you are canceling a trip that you wwere willing to make up an excuse which made you seem like a spoiled toddler?