Donald Trump blames the media for the uptick in violence.

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Courtesy of NBC News:

President Donald Trump attacked the media on Friday afternoon, accusing reporters of inciting violence just one week after a series of explosive devices were mailed to critics of the president, as well as one media outlet.

“You know what, you’re creating violence by your question. You are creating. You,” Trump said at the White House as he left for a campaign rally, pointing to a reporter who said some had suggested the president’s rhetoric could be encouraging violence. “…The fake news is creating violence.”

“I’ll tell you what, if the media would write correctly and write accurately and write fairly, you’d have a lot less violence in the country,” he added.

I’m sorry, I must have missed it, when did a fan of Rachel Maddow or Wolf Blitzer send out mailbombs to critics of their shows?

And once again when Trump says the media is reporting “fake news” that means they are accurately reporting on the things that he says and the things that he does. 

If that incites violence that is because of the things that he says and the things that he does, not the fact that the media reported on it. 

Of course, as usual, Sarah Huckabee Sanders had to come out and say that the president did not say what he said: 

“No, the president is not placing blame,” Sanders said when asked if the president was suggesting the news media was at fault for the attempted pipe bomb attacks. “I mean, that is outrageous than anybody other than the individual who carried out the crime would hold that responsibility.”

Just for shits and giggles go ahead and rewatch that video at the top where Trump absolutely blames the reporters for inciting violence. 

The main source of fake news in this country, and we all know it, is Donald Trump and his White House. 

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  1. Eye Roll Troll November 3, 2018 at 9:48 am

    AGAIN, like $arah Palin, “I didn’t pull the trigger, so what?” Blame it on the media for reporting it.
    They did, figuratively, and proud of it. What an absolute abomination they are, and those who support them.

    Remember this? June of last year, not hard to imagine what the numbers are up to now.

    Watch your local news, national news, peruse the internet. Very little decorum left, enough to pull your hair out.
    Leaders are supposed to unite, parents teach their children well.

    • Anon November 3, 2018 at 12:39 pm

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  2. Anonymous November 3, 2018 at 12:37 pm

    and the award for gaslighter of the year goes to donald trump. again.

  3. AJ November 3, 2018 at 1:41 pm

    My dream is that the media would boycott trump and his administration.

    Imagine that for a week, they just ignore him. No trump stories, no video no nothing.

    I know trumps makes them lots of money so it won’t happen but I can dream.

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