Donald Trump bitterly complains that nobody warned him about Michael Flynn. President Obama did exactly that.

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Courtesy of The Week:

On Friday, President Trump dug up an old complaint about his quickly disgraced national security adviser, tweeting that “it now seems the General Flynn was under investigation long before was common knowledge” and questioning why he wasn’t told about it. Except it’s public knowledge that Obama fired Flynn, and that he warned Trump against bringing him back on.

Trump’s tweet disregards a two-year-old NBC News report that said Obama told Trump not to hire Flynn “less than 48 hours” after Trump won the presidency. Former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer later admitted that Trump knew Obama “wasn’t exactly a fan” of Flynn.

This reminds me of a child who is repeatedly warned to watch out for the hot stove, touched it anyway, and then complains that nobody warned them it was hot.

However, Trump is out and out lying about this whole thing.

According to a comprehensive timeline over at Politifact the New York Times reported that Flynn had talked with Russian senior diplomat Sergey Kislyak on December 29th, which was almost a month before Trump appointed him his national security advisor.

Flynn then supposedly lies to Mike Pence about that meeting, and when Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates informs White House counsel Don McGahn that they have proof that Flynn lied she is more or less ignored until it hits the papers, at which time Flynn resigns after only 24 days in office.

After that Trump famously tried to get Comey to drop his investigation into Flynn’s dealings with the Russians, and when he refuses he is summarily fired. 

So the idea that Trump had no idea that Flynn was compromised is bullshit, however, the fact that he knew he was compromised, hired him as his national security adviser anyhow, and then tried to deflect scrutiny and an FBI investigation into his activities is completely accurate. 

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  1. anonymous May 18, 2019 at 8:44 am

    ” His argument is that congressional Democrats are out to get him and that they have no “legitimate legislative purpose” in seeking his personal records.”
    “Mnuchin said he won’t comply with a congressional subpoena for six years of Trump’s tax returns. He cited the absence of a “legitimate legislative purpose” as his reason.”

  2. Anonymous May 18, 2019 at 9:00 am

    Dumb@ss dotard wasn’t going to listen to a no good nigger that called him out on his shit, is way smarter than he ever was, and continues to outshine him to this day.
    Have you MAGAed in genuflection to herr fuhrer today? I look around, still find no evidence of anything he’s done worthy of it.

  3. Anonymous May 18, 2019 at 1:21 pm

    I hope there is something in writing or a recording that Obama told him about Flynn that can be thrown in his bloated face.

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