Courtesy of NBC News:

The White House is preparing to release new reopening guidelines for schools as President Donald Trump threatened on Wednesday to “cut off” funding for institutions that do not reopen this fall.

White House officials said on Wednesday the guidance released earlier this summer by the Centers for Disease Control are too restrictive.

The White House’s heavy-handed approach and Trump’s mounting pressure campaign on state and local officials to fully reopen schools this fall, a key to economic recovery, comes despite a surge in coronavirus cases.

Vice President Mike Pence said that next week the CDC “is going to be issuing a new set of tools, five different documents that will be giving more clarity on the guidance going forward.”

Among the CDC guidelines for re-opening schools that the White House finds too restrictive is limiting the sharing of toys, electronic devices and books, a senior administration official said.

“There are concerns they’re overly prescriptive, making it virtually impossible for many schools to reopen,” the official said.

Actually those guidelines are designed to keep our children safe, not to keep schools from reopening. 

And Trump attempting to bully the CDC into watering them down will bow right up in his face just like his insistence that businesses reopen and churches hold in-person services again. 

Only this time it will be dead and sickened children that he leaves in his wake, not just those ignorant enough to take his guidance to heart.

Unfortunately helping Trump to shovel this bullshit was Mike Pence, Dr. Birx, and of course Cruella DeVille’s nastier sister Betsey DeVos.

Courtesy of Politico:

President Donald Trump in a ramped-up push to reopen schools vowed Tuesday to “put pressure” on reluctant governors, while Education Secretary Betsy DeVos blasted education leaders who won’t accept risk and “gave up and didn’t try” to launch summer instruction.

But the result was intensifying tensions with teachers unions and leading school groups, including the PTA, which charged that the Trump administration in a “vacuum of leadership” has “zero credibility in the minds of educators and parents when it comes to this major decision.” The dispute leaves the White House deeply at odds with many involved in making major decisions in the next few weeks about reopening schools.

This woman is the epitome of evil in my eyes. 

By the way, did anybody else notice that Dr. Fauci was nowhere to be found among those making up the Coronavirus task force pushing to reopen schools? 

There’s a reason for that. 

If the Trump Administration had really been serious about getting schools reopened by fall they would have left the bars closed, blocked travel into the country by EVERYBODY, and increased testing and contact tracing a hundredfold. 

Once they had brought the new Coronavirus cases under control they could start to focus on reopening the schools with new strict guidelines in place, and it would actually be a success. 

But Trump is trying to do too much, too fast, and with too little science to support its success. 

It will fail, it will fail spectacularly, and our children will suffer for that failure. 

Unless of course governors ignore Trump and only reopen schools when it is safe to do so.