This is not going to be good.

Courtesy of McClatchy:

Columbia University professor Katherine Franke criticized President Donald Trump’s new guidance on prayer in schools, saying it reinforces the administration’s “extremely radical approach to fundamental rights.”

Her comments come after the White House announced Thursday that nine federal agencies are proposing a series of regulations and guidance on religious freedom.

One proposed regulation would treat religious and non-religious groups equally in the awarding of federal grants, and another would weaken an Obama-era requirement that religious groups offer alternative providers for social services.

While the prayer guidance does not change the Supreme Court’s ruling that public school officials cannot promote prayer or religious activities, it does require state departments of education to report prayer lawsuits to the U.S. Department of Education.

Trump praised the new regulations in an Oval Office event for National Religious Freedom Day Thursday.

“While I’m president … we will not let anyone push God from the public square,” he said. “We will uphold religious liberty for all.”

Trump may be one of these least religious presidents in American history, he is only doing this to garner favor with his evangelical base.

For the record school prayer is not forbidden in public schools.

The rule is that the schools cannot advocate for any particular religion and therefore should not hold organized prayer groups, or promote one type of prayer over another. 

The only reason this angers the Christians in this country is because they believe America belongs to them and resent being forced to share it with others.