Uh oh!

Courtesy of Axios

While Democrats’ campaign launches have sucked up national attention, President Trump’s re-election campaign has quietly spent nearly twice as much as the entire Democratic field combined on Facebook and Google ads, according to data from Facebook and Google’s political ad transparency reports, aggregated by Bully Pulpit Interactive.

Political advertising strategists say that this level of ad spend on digital platforms this early in the campaign season is unprecedented. The data (captured between December 2018 and now) provides a window into the Trump campaign’s 2020 strategy, which until now has been virtually invisible aside from a few rallies.

There is a lot of detail in this Axios report and I urge you to read the entire thing. 

What I can share is that Trump has a very talented team of technical wizards who are very adept at manipulating opinion online, and shaping Trump’s narrative. 

And there is already evidence that it is starting to work.

Courtesy of Yahoo News

Half of Americans believe President Donald Trump is the victim of a political “witch hunt,” nearly two years after the launch of the Russia meddling investigation, a new poll showed Monday.

Voters are also broadly opposed, 62 percent to 28 percent, to an impeachment effort against the president in the House of Representatives, the USA Today/Suffolk University poll showed.

Trump even touted this poll as proof that he was the target of a witch hunt.

And it is not just Trump’s campaign that is working to undermine the investigation and rally conservatives to his side for the upcoming election, there is also Fox News who Trump retweets liberally. 

There is a reason that Paul Manafort’s attorney came out at the end of his last two trials and declared that the judges had stated that there was no evidence of Russian collusion. 

That is part of the campaign to convince the American people ahead of the report that Donald Trump is the victim here and not the bad guy.

This is gaslighting at its finest and it WILL work to convince a certain segment of the population which includes those who want to believe Trump is innocent and those who are paying only minimal attention but want the whole thing to just go away.