Go ahead, guess which country is the most culpable. 

Courtesy of WaPo:

The announcement by federal authorities on Thursday that six men had been arrested and charged with conspiracy to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) is a stark example of the evolving domestic terrorist threat facing America. Just two days earlier, the Department of Homeland Security had released its first annual Homeland Threat Assessment, which categorized the leading threats facing the homeland and stated that “ideologically motivated lone offenders and small groups” of “Domestic Violent Extremists” now “pose the most likely terrorist threat.”

The arrest of the alleged Michigan conspirators represents one of the most significant incidents highlighting law enforcement concerns that domestic extremists might try to capitalize on heightened social and political tensions around the November election, or conduct attacks in response to perceived infringement of liberties by government pandemic response policies. This is a potent and explosive mix.

Lone actors and more-organized domestic-threat groups are given oxygen and support in metastasizing online communities. The novel nature of this rapid and remote technological reach hampers the effectiveness of traditional investigation and disruption methods, challenging law enforcement’s ability to keep pace with the accelerating velocity of radicalization and action. Given that reality, the work of the FBI, alongside state and local law enforcement agencies in Michigan, to prevent a potential attack is noteworthy. (Seven individuals were arrested on related state charges.)

Exacerbating the problem are hostile foreign actors — led by Russian elements using overt and covert means, such as troll farms and bots — seeking to exploit seams in American society, amplifying social and political divisions. Intelligence professionals have assessed that these actions are designed to promote extreme ideologies from both the left and the right. The warped anti-government ideology allegedly espoused by those charged in Michigan is often promoted by these foreign misinformation campaigns, which are intended to foster discord and unrest.

Taken together, these emerging trends make clear that terrorist threats to the United States have evolved dramatically since 9/11. Foreign terrorist adversaries remain a severe threat to U.S. interests both at home and abroad, but the predominant terrorist threat at home today is increasingly domestic in nature, conducted by American citizens inspired by multiple extremist ideologies.

The Kremlin’s entire plan is to destabilize America and then just slip in and take up the reins fo power once we can no longer handle the responsibility of being the world’s last remaining superpower. 

And I have to point out that their main asset in making that happen is Donald Trump himself who has been the individual most responsible for the division and tribalism that we are now see sweeping the country. 

I do not think that this was ever in any doubt, but today it should be obvious to even the most ardent conservative. 

The person that the Republican party helped to place in the most powerful job in the world is actively trying to destroy our country. 

And what is more, he’s succeeding.