Well, he’s not wrong.

Courtesy of People

Donald Trump admitted Friday that his opponent Joe Biden may be elected president in November.

Speaking on Fox News during a town hall hosted by Sean Hannity, Trump, 74, first attacked Biden, 77, saying that the former vice president “can’t put two sentences together.”

“I don’t want to be nice or un-nice, okay? But I mean, the man can’t speak,” Trump said, falling back on one of his repeated critiques of Biden. “And he’s going to be your president ’cause some people don’t love me, maybe, and you know, all I’m doing is doing my job.”

Trump’s disapproval hit a high this week, according to a new poll from NPR, PBS Newshour and Marist that shows his approval at 40 percent overall and a 58 percent disapproval rating.

The poll also found that 49 percent of voters “strongly disapprove” of “the job Trump is doing.”

Saying that some people don’t love him is such a huge understatement that it essentially invites ridicule. 

I would suggest that if Trump lit himself on fire the line of people offering to pour gasoline on him would extend for miles. 

The man will easily go down in history as the worst president ever.

And he may even bring the entire GOP down with him. 

So yes, I would agree that a number of people do not love him.