DNC contacts FBI over attempt to hack voter database.

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Courtesy of CNN:

The Democratic National Committee contacted the FBI on Tuesday after it detected what it believes was the beginning of a sophisticated attempt to hack into its voter database, a Democratic source tells CNN.

The DNC was alerted in the early hours of Tuesday morning by a cloud service provider and a security research firm that a fake login page had been created in an attempt to gather usernames and passwords that would allow access to the party’s database, the source said.

The page was designed to look like the access page Democratic Party officials and campaigns across the country use to log into a service called Votebuilder, which hosts the database, the source said, adding the DNC believed it was designed to trick people into handing over their login details.

The source said the DNC is investigating who may have been responsible for the attempted attack, but that it has no reason to believe its voter file was accessed or altered.

Somebody trying to hack the DNC? 

Where have we seen this movie before?

Now there is not enough evidence to factually accuse the Russians of being behind this, but I think it is a good bet that the Russians are behind this. 

Which sort of makes the fact that the Kremlin has recently expressed how happy they are that Trump is thinking about lifting sanctions seem a little odd.

Courtesy of RT:

The Kremlin said on Tuesday it welcomed statements by U.S. President Donald Trump indicating a desire to cooperate with Russia, but that it would welcome concrete steps to improve relations more.

Trump told Reuters on Monday he would only consider lifting sanctions against Russia if it were to do something positive for the United States, for instance in Syria or in Ukraine.

Trump has repeatedly said he would like better ties with Moscow, but despite meeting President Vladimir Putin last month, relations have come under further strain as Washington announced new sanctions.

“We, of course, welcome statements that affirm a readiness to cooperate, but we would welcome even more some kind of concrete actions,” Peskov said.

To be clear the Kremlin is expressing their happiness with the fact that their asset is talking about lifting sanctions against them while more than likely they are the ones behind recent attempts to hack the DNC yet again. 

Does anybody else see anything wrong with this picture?

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  1. anon August 23, 2018 at 6:36 am

    OT/ “Police spoke with a 5-year-old and two 7-year-old children who witnessed the incident. “urinated on their daughter” The witnesses and the victim said the man had also called the girl the Ni&&er.”


  2. ANON August 23, 2018 at 7:28 am

    1. The Courtship
    2. Tests of Loyalty
    3. The War at Home
    4. The Turn Against Intelligence
    5. Attacking the Investigation6. Embracing Putin
    7. Denouncing America
    8. The Crisis That Will Not End



    not too late to change things before 2020 VISION

  3. Anon August 23, 2018 at 7:39 am

    OT?FYI-“trouble for the Claremont Institute’s Listserv started when ousted Trump speechwriter Darren Beattie” ““Beattie’s offense is that he spoke at an event where — gasp! — there were white nationalists afoot!” “Heaven forbid that some thinkers — like the American founders who favored our country be majority white — think that the U.S. of A should stay majority white! Perish the thought. Can’t have that.”
    ““I’ll save everyone the trouble of responding in kind and I’ll shutter the group entirely,” Claremont president Ryan Williams said in the last message in the group’s Listserv.”


  4. anonymous August 23, 2018 at 7:44 am


    ” there are 5 ways Trump can be kept on the defensive as he is subjected to daily news releases from Democrats who will have taken control of the House and therefore all of its committees.

    Use their control of the Ways and Means Committee to obtain and release Trump’s tax returns so that we finally learn what he has been hiding.

    Hold hearings on the ways Trump is personally profiting off the presidency and potentially violating the Constitution’s emoluments clause.

    Mount a serious, comprehensive investigation into the Russian attack on the 2016 election and the Trump campaign’s cooperation with that attack.

    Investigate accusations of wrongdoing that have been leveled at Cabinet officials such as Wilbur Ross and Ryan Zinke.

    Demand answers from the administration on the decision-making process and effects of controversial administration policies, such as adding a citizenship question to the census, relaxing rules for power plant emissions, making it easier for private “universities” to scam students, and tearing children from their parents’ arms at the border.”

  5. Data August 23, 2018 at 7:47 am


    ‘Guess who supports the policy of Medicare for all?

    Obviously a majority of Democrats, by a huge margin: 84.5%.

    But also, a majority of Republicans: 51.9%.’

  6. ANONYMOUS August 23, 2018 at 1:13 pm

    fb>”Cowardice is no excuse for permitting unethical behavior; not reprimanding Trump is tantamount to agreeing with him… While it may be trite to say, years from now all of us will be asked: What did you say or do to prevent this?” A very important read. Dan the man Rather

    “What is clear is that the president’s rhetoric and actions have at minimum emboldened and empowered those such as the neo-Nazis, the Ku Klux Klan and other white supremacists. The best examples of this are Trump’s repeated unwillingness explicitly to condemn and disassociate from racist behaviors since he came down the escalator and announced his candidacy for president”


    “The only antidote to this is awareness and resistance.” “making clear “never again.”

  7. anonymous August 23, 2018 at 2:29 pm

    “By analyzing the pathways in the brain that underlie racist thought and behavior, we can better understand how this nasty bias is created, and potentially, how to mitigate it.”
    “the question we should all be asking is, now that we understand the science underlying racism, what can we do about it? Fortunately, one prominent and fascinating feature of the brain is its plasticity—or ability to be rewired in response to new incoming information from the environment and new experiences. Through exposure to new stimuli, new synaptic connections can be formed, creating neural pathways that can promote a restructuring of old and rigid belief systems.” “But even these efforts might not do much to change the worldview of a staunch racist. That could require more extreme therapeutic measures, such as pharmacological treatments to reset the brain. Psilocybin, the ingredient in magic mushrooms, or LSD, along with talk therapy could be an effective way to alter their worldviews and dissolve their biases.”


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