And yet Trump still takes Putin’s side on allegations of election interference. 

Courtesy of CNN:

The Democratic National Committee claims that in the days after the 2018 midterm elections it was likely targeted by a group of Russian intelligence hackers, according to court documents filed overnight.

Dozens of DNC email addresses were targeted in a spear-phishing campaign on November 14, 2018, the DNC alleges, adding that the contents and timing of the emails suggest that the campaign was tied to the Russian hacking group known as “Cozy Bear.” The DNC adds, “it is probable that Russian intelligence again attempted to unlawfully infiltrate DNC computers in November 2018.”

The Democrats said there is no indication in the court filing that November’s alleged hacking attempt was successful.

As you may remember “Cozy Bear” was one the hacking groups that hacked the DNC before and tried to impact our 2016 election. 

Wasn’t it just the other day that the Senate Republicans successfully voted to lift sanctions on businesses owned by Putin pal Oleg Deripaska? 

Why yes, yes they did. (Link)

Hard to imagine why they would vote to lift those sanctions with the Russians still actively engaged in cyber warfare against America. 

Sort of makes you wonder if the Republicans have some sort of immunity from Russian hacking, doesn’t it?