Courtesy of Newsweek:

The National Rifle Association is facing scrutiny over publishing a magazine spread that depicts House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and former Rep. Gabby Giffords, a victim of gun violence, next to a large headline that reads “Target Practice.”

Lawmakers and advocates decried the American Rifleman layout as offensive on Saturday afternoon after Huffington Post reporter Jennifer Bendery shared pictures of the magazine on Twitter. From there, it went viral and was circulated to other lawmakers and Pelosi’s daughter.

“We must condemn this intentional, outrageous criminal incitement,” Christine Pelosi tweeted Saturday. “We cannot allow this hate speech to stop common-sense gun violence prevention.”

The magazine spread, which appears in the March 2019 print and online edition, features an article about congressional efforts to increase gun legislation. Chris Cox, the executive director of the NRA’s lobbying branch, wrote the piece and identified Pelosi as the “arch anti-gunner.” The cover of the magazine, meanwhile, features what appears to be a FN 15, a semi-automatic firearm modeled after the M16A4 used by the U.S. military next to the words “In Defense of the Rifle.” Advertising materials boast that the weapon is “directly from the front lines to your collection.”

Rep. Eric Swalwell of California condemned the magazine spread and characterized it as a “call for violence.” He urged his followers to boycott the NRA, which publishes American Rifleman.

“The NRA should face legal consequences,” he tweeted. “But let’s put them out of business with boycotts and ballot boxes. #EnoughIsEnough.”

Now you know the NRA’s defense is going to be that did not mean the article to be perceived as a threat and that people are overreacting and allowing their imaginations to run away with them.

But see this is what Right Wing assholes do.

This is very much like that Roger Stone Instagram post where he put crosshairs nest to that judge’s head. 

Now in his case, the judge called him into court, ripped him a new asshole, and then gagged him so that he could not make those kinds of threats anymore. 

We do not have that option with the NRA.

But we can most certainly boycott the products advertised in their magazines and vote every one of their bought and paid for Senators and Congressmen right out of office. 

How about we do that, huh?