Courtesy of Raw Story:

President Donald Trump was hit with another hard-hitting video from The Lincoln Project — the group of former top GOP strategists who are working to defeat the president in November.

“America now leads the world in COVID deaths,” the ad begins.

“More than 140,000 Americans are dead,” the ad continues. “Friends and colleagues. Sisters, brothers, mothers, and fathers — 140,000 bodies.”

“Side-by-side, they would span over 66 miles,” the ad continued, with video of Trump’s border wall. “They would fill more than 1,160 football fields.”

“Trump is building his wall, just not the one he promised,” the video continues.

I have posted a number of these Lincoln Project ads. 

Typically I just put them in my video section without comment. 

But this one seemed like it needed its own post. 

Because the truth of this one cuts right to the bone.