What? No Egg McMuffin with the Tangerine Hitler?

Courtesy of The Guardian

A series of contests for donors to Donald Trump’s election campaign to win a prize of sharing breakfast, lunch or dinner with the US president have been condemned as a “fraud”.

Media reports this week have cast doubt on whether the competitions produce real winners, fueling speculation that Trump, accused of swindling the public in past ventures such as Trump University, is at it again.

Richard Painter, a former White House chief ethics lawyer, spoke out amid deepening questions over the fundraising lotteries that, so far, the Trump campaign has been unable to answer.

“I’ve received dozens of these fundraising emails,” said Painter, who was George W Bush’s ethics counsel for two years. “If they have lunch or dinner, then it’s OK. If not, then it’s fraud. I’ve seen no proof that they actually happen.”

The issue was first raised by the Popular Information website run by Judd Legum, former editor-in-chief of ThinkProgress, a progressive news site. It scrutinized at least 15 contests the Trump campaign has run since last year offering the chance to win breakfast, lunch or dinner with the president.

“Supporters are enticed to donate to Trump’s campaign with promises of free travel, accommodations, and an ‘epic’ meal with Trump at various locations across the country,” the site said. “An investigation by Popular Information, however, did not uncover evidence that anyone has ever actually won.”

In response to some of the early reporting about this the campaign tried to correct the record by offering some examples of contest winners, but it turns out none of them actually had meals with Trump.

A few right wing sites tried to push back as well, but inevitably ended up with egg on their face. (Hey, at least they got eggs.)

I know what you must be thinking, “Wait, nobody won one of these meals? How long could they carry on wtih this lie?”

Apparently it has been going for just about his entire presidency. 

But keep in mind these are not people of normal intelligence. These are Trump supporters.