At least so far.

Courtesy of Reuters

The Oct. 7 vice presidential debate between Republican Vice President Mike Pence and Democratic U.S. Senator Kamala Harris will go ahead despite President Donald Trump’s testing positive for the coronavirus, the debate commission said on Friday.

Pence and Harris announced separately on Friday that they had tested negative for COVID-19. A source at the Commission on Presidential Debates, which oversees the events, said there were no plans to scrap the running mates’ debate in Utah on Wednesday.

In light of the Trump diagnosis, the Biden campaign brought up concerns about this debate.

Courtesy of CNN:

The Biden campaign has raised health concerns about the vice presidential debate slated to take place next Wednesday to the Commission on Presidential Debates, in light of President Trump testing positive for Covid-19, a source familiar with those conversations said.

Amid negotiations with the commission about the terms of the Kamala Harris-Mike Pence face-off, the Biden campaign expressed opposition to the podiums being spaced seven feet apart, and asked that they be 12 feet apart instead, the source said.

The Biden campaign sees the podium-spacing issue as a “very serious concern,” the source added.

I am not going to lie, at this point, I do not want either Harris or Biden to be anywhere near the Trump folks. 

I think there is still a good chance that Pence comes up positive, and I only hope that they discover that before the debate and not after it. 

The policy moving forward should be that all of these debates be held on Zoom and that there is no in-person communication until the virus has been handled, and let’s face it that will not be until Biden and Harris take over.  

People should be acting as if any personal interactions that they have may prove fatal, because, you know, any personal interactions they have may prove fatal.