I guess Trump will just have to bitch about this on his own private Twitter account. 

Courtesy of the Daily Mail

Twitter will hand control of the US president’s official account to Joe Biden on January 20 regardless of whether Donald Trump has left the White House, it has been revealed.

President Donald Trump has yet to concede the White House to President-elect Joe Biden, but the POTUS Twitter account will be handed to Biden anyway, according to Twitter.

‘Twitter is actively preparing to support the transition of White House institutional Twitter accounts on January 20th, 2021,’ Twitter spokesperson Nick Pacilio told Politico.

Trump has tweeted 10,900 times since taking over the POTUS account in January 2017, but all his posts will be archived and an account tallying zero Tweets will pass to Biden on January 20.

Just one more sign that despite what Donald Trump might say, he is no longer going to be in charge of anything related to the running of this country. 

I also imagine that once Trump is out of office that Twitter will double down on blocking his aggressive attempts to disseminate misinformation.

Won’t that be great?