Talk about your slow learners.

Courtesy of CNN:

Vice President Mike Pence tested negative for Covid-19 again, an administration official said Saturday morning, after traveling to multiple states for indoor and outdoor events, participating in numerous White House events and meetings and having been in frequent close contact with President Donald Trump this week.

Trump’s coronavirus diagnosis on Thursday night and subsequent hospitalization only heightens the duty Pence signed up for when he took his oath of office in 2017. As second in line to the presidency, the solemn obligation — no matter the circumstances — means that one must always be prepared to step into the role of commander-in-chief at a moment’s notice.

But despite the clear need to keep the vice president completely safe and minimize any risk of contracting the virus, Pence is expected to travel on Monday ahead of the vice presidential debate. It’s unclear how long the President will remain hospitalized, and whether he would still be at Walter Reed when Pence travels. His doctor would not put a date on his expected return to the White House.

And there are still questions about his own health, given his proximity to Trump and others around him who have contracted Covid-19 and the length of time the virus takes to incubate. Pence, a designated “essential worker,” is not planning to quarantine. In a memo released Friday, his physician Jesse Schonau said he does not need to do so because he was not considered a close contact with Trump or any of the other individuals who has tested positive. But the list of those who have tested positive continues to grow.

I would like to point out that Hope Hicks supposedly tested negative on one day and then came up positive the next. 

So the fact that Pence has not tested positive does not mean a damn thing. 

And if he keeps attending these campaign events he is simply risking, either becoming infected himself, of infecting others.

If this were any other corporation Pence would be sidelined for at least two weeks to make sure that he is not a risk, but since this is the Trump Administration, and science is of no value, Pence will continue putting himself and others in danger of infection. 

Hey maybe the entire administration is suicidal and this is how they have decided to end it all. 

Makes about as much sense as anything else they have done.